Springing Forward

Spring. We wait all winter for spring to reemerge. Sometimes we’re patient, sometimes not so much.

Soft Heart, Tough Skin

Portland woke with a light dusting of white revealing the intricate framework of trees,

Getting From Here to There

I’m answering interview questions this week. I don’t think I’d be giving away too much if I share

Endlessly Enchanted

I might just be crazy, have a short attention span or maybe just easily amused, but I want to paint..


Probably like a lot of women that are around my age, I’ve spent a large share of my time on this planet ..

On My Feet

Yesterday, I literally painted all day long…from morning ‘till night. These days, a rather rare occurrence as

Embracing the Unfamiliar I’m sitting in the lobby of Daku Resort waiting for a taxi to take me to the..

Letting Fiji In

It’s Saturday and I’m in Fiji.This year has been an amazing, adventurous year, but none of my ..

Two Minds

I was driving to the store yesterday and got completely lost in thought on the way there, but ..

Home Sweet Home

With sunny weather and a relatively free day, I took to the streets of Milwaukie, Oregon for an afternoon