artist statement

Artist Statement

In this new body of work, I delve into the realm of abstract acrylic painting, guided by the principles of discipline, faith, and surrender. My paintings are an exploration of the elusive moments that strike me as magical or mystical, connecting us all on a fundamental level. Drawing inspiration from nature, art history, and my own experiences, I hope to capture the healing and restorative power of these moments, inviting the viewer into a conversation about the transformative powers of imagery.

As I paint, I maintain a deep commitment to the fundamentals of the craft, while also allowing the intensity of my working process to create a sense of mystery and wonder in each piece. Through marks, strokes, and scratches, I search for the veracity of place and the truth in every line, aiming to provoke an aesthetic encounter that transcends the superficial descriptions often attributed to landscape painting. My work invites the viewer to be moved and to linger in the presence of the image, the mood, and the paint on the surface.

I approach painting as a discipline, akin to a religious practice, involving ceremony, quiet contemplation, and faith in a course that is not always evident. This perspective shapes my working process, as I continue to explore and refine my artistic voice through various projects and series.

In this abstract acrylic series, I seek to capture the depth, dimension, and illusion of time and space, depicting the three-dimensional world on a two dimensional plane. My paintings serve as a reflection of myself and my point of view, while also exploring the concept of point of view as an ever-changing process. As a painter, I strive to share not only my personal vantage point but also the evolving nature of perception itself, as both the maker and the viewer engage with the artwork.

I explore abstraction as a process, not a style, constructing images by subtracting and abstracting from the visible world, open to interpretation and meaning. This approach allows me to delve deeper into the intricacies of point of view and the fluidity of perception.

The Works


The Process

“Working with a variety of materials such as fluid acrylics, heavy-bodied acrylics, house paint, and ink allows me to explore an array of textures and techniques. The different viscosities of these paints enable diverse markmaking opportunities. The materials are applied to Birch panels, which enable a more physical manipulation of the paint. The solid surface of the panel allows for scraping, pulling, and dragging the paint, creating tactile interactions not possible with a traditional canvas

I employ an eclectic variety of tools: from big wallpaper guards, trims, and scrapers, to brushes and specially modified paint bottles equipped with needles for fine lines. These tools extend my ability to express and manipulate the acrylic paint, creating unique shapes and textures that add to the depth and complexity of each piece.

Most of the painting process happens on the floor. I work around the canvas, engaging with it physically, pouring energy into each brush stroke or squeeze of the paint bottle. This process can be tiring, but it is also invigorating, creating a dynamic dance between me and the canvas. I usually work on at least two or three pieces at a time, allowing the paint to dry on one while I continue on another.

My palette often begins with fluorescent, bright colors, a technique not dissimilar to my previous landscape works. The painting process then becomes about selectively neutralizing certain areas, creating a balance between the vivid and the subdued. This constant back-and-forth creates a dynamic tension in the paintings, driving them toward their final form….”

the process