Probably like a lot of women that are around my age, I’ve spent a large share of my time on this planet ..


Probably like a lot of women that are around my age, I’ve spent a large share of my time on this planet trying, although rarely succeeding in being “a good girl”. That has extended to all corners of my life. I am way too agreeable and in many ways this has not served me well. Many of my inclinations however are in direct opposition to this so I’ve accumulated a disconnect that runs pretty deep. So, I’ve decided to wear my badass on my sleeve and let it out. That doesn’t mean I need to flaunt it but just own it as much as I can muster.
Badass doesn’t mean, nasty to me. It means competence, will and drive. It means that you hold yourself in high esteem which also doesn’t mean that you’re an ego. It means that you do what needs doing, don’t complain, don’t waiver. It means that you don’t make any apologies for this. You also don’t have to make apologies for successes which is a thing I spend a great deal of time doing!  If you hold an opinion, you own it and all that implies. This doesn’t mean you ask everyone else to agree with you, but that you again don’t waiver. You shut up and do your stuff.
It’s badass when you do stuff. Things that you need to do, things you want to do and you do these with drive and direction and don’t let emotion, addiction, or doubt get in the way. You know, just do it.
Here’s what I did today that I think was totally badass. I went to Blick’s and bought a van full of stretched canvas. They are having a killer sale until February 3rd, so time was of the essence. Now time for some badass paintings!
 By the way, writing that I filled my van with canvas wouldn’t have been something I typically shared for fear that I’d appear arrogant or something!  But here it is!

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  1. This was so timely for me, and really hit home! Just last night I was contemplating this very thing that plagues me. The story and details are just too long to share here, but want to say THANK YOU for giving me permission to be badass!!

  2. I spent 2018 learning this, among other things. Highly recommend You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. It doesn't mean being tough or smartas* or mean. It means owning our greatness and shining our lights of confidence. I am still learning, but much happier! Like your trunk full of infinite possibilities.

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