Letting Fiji In

It’s Saturday and I’m in Fiji.This year has been an amazing, adventurous year, but none of my ..

It’s Saturday and I’m in Fiji.This year has been an amazing, adventurous year, but none of my trips were as anticipated as this one. I’ve actually had much resistance to coming (for a homebody like me to travel is always a “thing”), but this was especially hot and heavy resistance. I’m here teaching but also going on a meditation retreat after the workshop. So, although there is much to happily look forward to, there were endless details and what felt like a arduous slog of a trip.

But arduous is only arduous in the anticipation. In the moment it is just the moment, neither good or bad or hard or easy.

So three flights lots and lots of hours of waiting and a 90 minute cab ride has finally landed me at my first destination…Daku Resort. I was very warmly welcomed and nurtured. Wilma took care of me. Made sure I had water, food and peace and quiet to rest. If I’d been left to my own devices, I don’t think I would have taken very good care of myself.

I slept. this surprised me, even though I hadn’t really slept since Tuesday night. I had a light breakfast, kept my promise to myself to fill a sketchbook page and met Candace who was instructing a two hour meditation and yoga class. I went. She opened me to Fiji. My body and my heart is ready now.

So, I’ll meet my class tonight at dinner and I hope I can pay this forward. I hope that we can fill the next week with the sun, the wind and maybe even the stars of Fiji. I hope our paints and pastels can be filled will the exuberance, warmth and passion that this place so exudes.


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  1. Sounds like heaven ❤ I live in the sub tropics by the sea so the location type is familiar but a meditation retreat to renew and refresh plus uninterrupted time of creativity under your instruction… Thanks for sharing a little on you tube.. perhaps next time I can make it ��

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