Springing Forward

Spring. We wait all winter for spring to reemerge. Sometimes we’re patient, sometimes not so much.
Spring. We wait all winter for spring to reemerge. Sometimes we’re patient, sometimes not so much. I truly love all the seasons, winter included but the promise of Spring is tantalizing right now. Today the sun makes a bold appearance and feels a bit warmer than previous weeks. Some of the plants and trees are starting to bud. The crocus are pushing out of the soil. We are almost there! Maybe no more snow!
Spring has an opening to it and energy that promises more than just warmer days and Spring blooms.  I feel the hibernation is almost at an end. Energy can start to move outwards and be more expansive. I can’t wait to open the windows and doors of my studio and let the breeze and the sounds fill it up! I feel my body ready to get to work in more free and open way.
So in anticipation I’m trying to get ready. On a very practical level, I want to be prepared to use the spring of energy and the energy of Spring.  Spring cleaning is being done physically, mentally, spiritually. It’s the time to tackle some of those ideas that have been percolating during winter. Ideas that like flowers,  are just waiting for their opportunity to surface. I’ve been writing down ideas for paintings and lessons, gathering materials and reference, getting the studio ready for another sprint!
It just feels like a time to rally momentum but doing so with as much clarity and purpose as possible. Not jumping into anything. Nothing frantic. I feel a lot of strength in being clear. Paintings can get made in a frenetic and haphazard mode, but this is not what I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling a big sort of rallying of drive and direction. I’ve been spending a lot of my time drawing and sketching which has been a slowing down, going deeper and going back to roots, the roots of my art practice. It feels different than my career; it’s something more elemental and prior to any idea of being an artist. Drawing was my first impulse to create and expression of the world in any sense. But even this slowing down and drawing feels like a wonderful gathering of drive and clarity.
I wonder what will fill the sketchbook pages and the blank canvases. I’m excited to see which ideas will percolate to the top! Tomorrow is my opening reception at Stoller Winery in Dayton, OR. A sort of kick off of the new floral pieces. I’ll have another opening of florals at Art Elements Gallery in Newberg in on April 20th. I’ve worked hard on these large pieces and put lots of energy and heart into them. The openings feel as though they will be very celebratory and special. So off, I go for the evening. I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow!  I’ll probably settle on something sparkly!
As usual, Happy Painting!

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