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I’ve been in my new studio almost six months! It’s hard for me to believe. Time just whips by, doesn’t

I’ve been in my new studio almost six months! It’s hard for me to believe. Time just whips by, doesn’t it? I’m pretty comfortable there, but as was working through some projects I realized that I was saying to myself, “I’m getting comfortable”, which meant that I wasn’t entirely comfortable. What was missing? It’s an amazing space; plenty of room, light, I made it warm and inviting, it’s pretty and functional. What is the resistance? I had to figure it out because I knew it was somehow effecting my productivity and deep enjoyment of the space.

I’d scheduled a “check in” meeting with my friend and executive advisor Mr. Eaton to prioritize my work for the next few months, so this was an issue that I was keen to bring up to him. I wasn’t there more than ten minutes before he’d nailed it! He asked me about the space; whether I brought my computer out to the space and if I had a spot to just sit back and look at my work. He was familiar with my old work space and knew my desk used to be opposite my easel as well as a soft chair to lounge in and gaze back at the work! Dick is also an artist, so he is very aware of how important it is to get perspective on your work from a distance.

I knew instantly this was BIG! I didn’t have any release from the creative tension inside the studio, so I was constantly leaving the studio to get that release and then having a lot of resistance to getting back in the flow. Not good! A trip to a second hand furniture store up the street from me solved the issue in a jiffy.  I feel silly that I didn’t think of it before. Now, we’ll have to see how I do over the course of the next few weeks.

Dick and I discussed lots of other things that will guide me over the next months for which I’m very grateful, but his insight into my working process, I’m sure will have an immediate, positive impact!

Thank you, Dick!!


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