Sweetness in the Middle

Today was just one of those days…sort of. It involved a second call to the IRS, ( one hour each hold time), for a mistake …

Today was just one of those days…sort of. It involved a second call to the IRS, ( one hour each hold time), for a mistake THEY made. It also involved choosing new health insurance. You get the idea of where this day was headed! These days are part of conditions, inevitable and coming our way for certain. We just kinda hope they won’t be today! Dumb to think that.

I really didn’t want to do any art at the end of it. I wanted to sit and congratulate myself on the resolution of both issues. Both were fortunately resolved positively. I felt like loafing. But you see, some of you had already sent me some images and I’d promised to post some. I couldn’t very well do that and NOT do my part! So I got off my duff and drew something in my sketchbook and then did a little “mini” pastel. That’s where the sweetness comes in…I totally found my groove, my flow and remembered the love. How great is that? An amazing gift! And it came on an IRS day!! Thank you to those of you who sent me images…you made my day in more ways than one.

I know this time of year seems like a difficult time to start into a project like this, but I’m finding it to be just what the doctor ordered! It couldn’t come at a better time. It’s very much keeping me focused on what my intentions are and holding to the disciplines that are the glue of my otherwise crazy life. So join in the play and remember that Christmas ornaments make terrific drawing subjects!!

A couple lovely, former students sent these great pieces. Enjoy!

Pastel by Carol Smeraldo Day #1 The Cottage in late Afternoon” on Grumbacher Florentine Watercolor paper, soft pastels 9×12”
Pastel by Carol Smeraldo “Lake Eagle #2:  Overcast, Rainy Day” on Fabriano pastel paper, soft pastels, 4.5×6”
By Alejandra Gros 5×8 pastel

Thank you to everyone who purchased on Cyber Monday. I may try to get my act together and offer some more “mini’s in a week or so for anyone who missed out!


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  1. I planned on joining you for these 108 days but then I started my annual rework of paintings that aren't quite right so I have been making art along with you each day but just on a different project. I applaud your commitment, you are an inspiration.

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