Sparkles and Novicane

As I was getting ready to head to the dentist this morning, I suddenly ditched my simple


As I was getting ready to head to the dentist this morning, I suddenly ditched my simple green earrings for some dangling sparkly ones….very uncharacteristic for me! What prompted this you might ask? Well, I suppose the spirit of busting out of the norm, letting myself be free of all limits and self conscious tendencies. Also, I was thinking I might just need a little something more to sparkle about after my appointment!


Well, indeed! It’s just teeth and money.  I need those teeth for a bit longer, so I’ll be investing in them for a bit it seems.
But, I’m wasn’t about to let a little Novocaine and discomfort spoil my Friday, so I made my way to the studio to finish a piece I’d started as a demo for my Thursday painting group. It’s a little snippet of the botanical garden in Scottsdale, AZ. The reference photo was taken long, long ago… maybe fifteen years ago when my sons were just little boys. We’d visited the gardens together on a family vacation. What made today super special was that my younger son (now 23), came over to do some prep in my studio for a painting he is working on, just as I was getting started. We worked quietly together in the studio, chatting here and there. A great way to connect, enjoying each others company.  It just so happened that I was working on this piece and could connect the memory of it with him today as we worked. Nice!! Funny how stuff like that works.
Desert Memory, 8 x 8, Pastel, $150. Purchase on Daily Paintworks

No amount of dentistry could have spoiled that part of my day! I didn’t really need the sparkles after all!
I hope your painting day was as rich as mine!!

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