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Over the years, I’ve had this mantra; “Paint and all good things will follow”. Doing small works every day reminds me of this. I am …

Over the years, I’ve had this mantra; “Paint and all good things will follow”. Doing small works every day reminds me of this. I am a painter. That is what I do. It just happens to be so. I don’t specialize in computers, accounting, music,  or construction for example. It wasn’t a path that I absolutely chose, although I did paint and draw as a young girl. The current of my life seemed to take me in this direction through a series of choices made and not made.  One might call it fate or destiny or just dumb luck.

So, I just paint and I’ve done it for a very long time. Some people would use the word “talent”. I have a friend who would say something more like, “being slightly less limited at painting”. Some people are slightly less limited than I am at math. I like that take on it, because being talented implies so many things in our culture that really don’t mean much. What I think has been most important is the mileage and the persistence. Sticking with it for thirty plus years has been amazing and the funny part about it is, every time I step up to my easel, there is a moment of hesitancy, resistance and for a second or two or three, I feel like a beginner and in fact I am.

Today I ventured back into my variations again. I did three versions, all of which I like very much.  I hope you enjoy them. All three will be available on Daily Paintworks.

By the way, my online lessons are developing nicely. I’m very excited about introducing these within the next few months. I’m learning a lot more than I ever thought I would about Photoshop, film editing, and computer geeky stuff in general. It’s all fun and good. Can’t wait to show!

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  2. Hello,
    I am new to this site, and just want to say thank you for the beautiful works of art and the encouragement and inspiration!

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