Pointing to the Moon

As a teacher, that’s all I can do…point to the moon. I can’t take you there, nor can I hand it to you, I can …

As a teacher, that’s all I can do…point to the moon. I can’t take you there, nor can I hand it to you, I can only point. It’s the same with the work that I do. I can only point my viewer. I hope to point to beauty and truth that is outside of the subject of the work, outside of the object that is the work. I hope to point to that special something that was the creation of the work. That’s all I can do. Point.

As a teacher more and more, I’m committed to that very thing. The pointing. I want to do it for everyone that comes to me for guidance. Every single person who joins me in the act of making art, no matter where they are on their journey, no matter their aspirations, or intent or motivations for making art. I want to point. It honestly makes me tear up just thinking about it; it’s so magical and humbling and full of grace to be able to participate in teaching art. I am lucky, lucky, lucky!

And now for the other part of what I do; selling paintings. Honestly, sometimes the selling doesn’t quite fit with the creating and the teaching. So, in response to that, I have decided to make some of my work available online at very affordable prices. I’m pretty excited about two new online venues for selling my work; Etsy and Daily Paintworks. I’ve already had GREAT success on both and having so much FUN!! I want people to have original art. I think it’s important and more “real” than having mass market reproductions. You can find my work out there in those forms too, and I don’t regret that, I’m just having a change of heart!! So, please check out my Etsy shop and Daily Paintworks.



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  1. Hi Marla, your passion for teaching is so palpable in this blog….it is wonderful to be doing what gives you such total pleasure…..painting and teaching. i love your new sites – they are presented very well. i sure resonate with the strange feeling of selling….i've never been totally comfortable in that arena, but i have to admit, here in my little village life, it is so much easier than it used to be.

    anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hi!

    by the way, we already have 5 folks signed up….i'll get something out there on my blog again soon, and start sussing out other media outlets!

    Cheers, Linda

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