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One of my sons is taking a drawing class in college and asked me to go shopping with him to get supplies. It was so

One of my sons is taking a drawing class in college and asked me to go shopping with him to get supplies. It was so much fun! I tried really hard to be helpful, but now know-it-all. It was hard. The materials list brought back fond memories. They’ll be working on contour, negative space, gesture and texture. I could tell just from the list. So cool. When we got back from our shopping expedition, I remembered that I still had my old art bin from my art school days. I recalled that the last time I’d opened it, it was still stocked with a good bit of drawing supplies. I didn’t say anything, not sure if I really had it.

The next day, I rummaged around my storage and found it! I was delighted to pop it open and find a pretty neat and useful box. I couldn’t wait to give it to Keith. When I gave it to him, I don’t think he really got that it was pretty special and older than him! Quite a bit older than him! It still had my maiden name and phone number from Art Center days scrawled on the lid in Sharpie. I doesn’t matter that he probably doesn’t appreciate it yet. Maybe someday he will.



Today I got a new treat for myself….a still life stage. I’d admired Carol Marine’s work for a long time and actually had her take a workshop from me in Eugene a few years ago. I was totally honored that she’d take my class. Anyway, I got a copy of her fabulous new book which I highly recommend and was inspired to spend some time with the still life. A few years ago, I did a project where I painted 30 objects, all of which I had friends and family choose. It was a kick, but the most difficult thing was lighting the objects and lighting the surface of my painting. The still life stage remedies this issue wonderfully. I’m also pretty excited about exploring the idea of being a daily painter; painting often and small and selling more online. This seems like a easeful and fun paradigm that dovetails nicely with doing online lessons. Don’t you think?? I’ve been drawing simple objects and still life elements in my sketchbook, so I’m excited to try some pastel. Still in love with the landscape too! Here’s an old piece I did a number of years ago. I super enjoyed doing it!


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  1. Hi Marla, isn't it fun to share your art supplies with your kids? What a treasure trove you gave your son. By the way, if the blue text is supposed to be a link, they're not working – Was wanting to see the still life stage, but can't – ha. I too am giving Daily Paintworks a whirl to see how things might go this year with small works and online sales opportunities. Always enjoy seeing your gorgeous pastels—very inspirational!

  2. My son has also enjoyed having all my old art supplies to graze through when he is in need! Things that are from when I was a teenager taking classes at art students league ( I am 60….so a ways back)…I think he enjoys the passing of the torch,or nib as the case may be!

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