What a fantastic week!! Pastelists are so lucky to have this society! It was such a wonderful deal to rub shoulders with all the pastel …

What a fantastic week!! Pastelists are so lucky to have this society! It was such a wonderful deal to rub shoulders with all the pastel luminaries; meeting folks whom you’ve long admired on the elevator and sharing plein air stories on the porch in a rocking chair. I LOVE that.

From start to finish it was a joy! I loved pulling into the hotel and having it be familiar to me; pulling our luggage and gear across the cool tile floors and anticipating the days ahead. I brought my mom with me this time and was happy she got to share in the festivities, have a better look into a big part of my world. She got to see all of us pastelists with our boxes and “stuff”. We both visited with old friends and made some new ones.

For me, the convention kicked off with the Paint-Around where several pieces were worked on by four different artists. These were then auctioned off during the banquet.  Kim Lordier, Stan Sperlak, Desmond O’hagan and Deborah Stewart all worked together to create four unique pieces. Pretty fun!

Kim Lordier at the easel for the paint-around


Sunset from our room


On the Porch


Morning light
At the banquet

The banquet was Saturday nite and included a keynote speech from Jason of Xanadu Galleries. His talk was fresh, fun and informative. I loved hearing his personal story and his positive attitude.  Twenty three Master Circle recipients received their beautiful medallions and a moving tribute to Maggie Price concluded the evenings festivities.

I did two demonstrations, one first thing Friday morning after having arrived Thursday afternoon. I was nervous!! I’d prepared and prepared, but you just don’t know how things will go for you until you are up there and doing your thing. Turns out, once I got going, I was pretty relaxed! The second was at the end of the conference after some down time. I was more even more nervous for this one for some reason, but got into a groove and was pleased with the results of the demo.

Getting set up


I had a lot of fun sharing about painting. What more can you want than getting to do something you absolutely love and then getting PAID to share it with folks!! Shhhhh!!!!, don’t tell, but I would have done it for free!

Pastel on terracotta Colorfix paper

My mom and I took an extra day and headed to Santa Fe. We checked out galleries, and relaxed at bit. We are on our way home to Portland, but I’m already looking forward to 2015 when IAPS will convene in Albuquerque again!

Happy Painting!!

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  1. Your demo was fantastic. I still have two pages full of notes from the great advice you shared in the process. It was wonderful to get to know you better and finally meet the artists behind the blog 🙂

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