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In my last post, I suggested that we need to give ourselves the gift of abundance in painting.Since writing that post, I’ve had a few …

In my last post, I suggested that we need to give ourselves the gift of abundance in painting.Since writing that post, I’ve had a few more thoughts on the subject!

I believe we already have everything we need to be painters and compassionate beings. One hopefully goes with the other! We sometimes think that if we only had a better set of pastels or more paint, or had better reference photos or more training we’d paint more; waiting for some future condition to manifest so we can do the work that we have dreamed of doing. Waiting for the perfect conditions to arise will simply never happen. Perhaps take the view that the conditions are perfect right this very moment. Better to do it badly, than not at all. Hopefully painting often and with some intention will bring desired results, but it will most likely also bring a great deal of joy no matter.  It’s a journey worth the frustration and fear that can come up.

I have a friend who is a struggling artist, but is very committed to being a full time artist. He scrapes by every month, but he paints and continues to get his name out there and to improve his skills. He paints on anything he can find and with any paint he can get his hands on.

I also have students that buy extremely large pastel sets and sit frozen in front of them and students who feel, if the only they had such and such pastel, their piece would work.

People ask how I pick a particular toned paper for a particular piece; do I choose it because it is complimentary or analogous to my intended reference? Honestly, I usually use whatever is in the drawer! If I always waited for the right paper,  or a complete set of pastels, I’d seldom paint.

I’ve overcome the fear of scarcity that runs really deep for most of us. It’s a hard one, but after years of being self-employed, I conquer it most of the time. And, I’ll paint with whatever I have on hand, whether or not it’s the best quality or the “right” thing. Gosh, I’ll use house paint and cardboard in a pinch. My thought is to just paint, not over think it. Just paint.


Fresh off the easel. 48×48 oil on canvas


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  1. " Better to do it badly, than not at all." Love that!
    A lot of people think only about the achievement of a dream. But obtaining the goal is just a mere reward at the end; the real value comes in the journey and the experience along the way… But I suppose it's hard to remember when challenges come around.

    Wonderful post Marla!

  2. You are very wise, my dear! I am giving my first workshop this Saturday and am terrified! Why did I put myself into this position? Because I want to stretch myself and share, of course but it is painful!!! Any tips?

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