Deepening Commitments

Snow and ice are good things. I’ve been cloistered in my place for the last couple days. I did venture out briefly with my car, …

Snow and ice are good things. I’ve been cloistered in my place for the last couple days. I did venture out briefly with my car, wanting to get a little experience driving in the snow. It wasn’t bad and I’m glad I did it, but I should have stopped at the grocery store! With not a lot to eat, (just enough), and just my thoughts and computer to entertain me, I’ve had room for contemplation.

I had to cancel a very full workshop that I was very much looking forward to; bummer. I tried to hang in there and run it for those wanting to brave the weather and reschedule for those who couldn’t, but in the end it was out of my hands. Not following through on it, hurts! It’s rescheduled for March 8th and 9th, here in Milwaukie, OR. There might be some room!! I don’t know yet.

So instead of teaching, I’m painting, reading, improving and adding new information to my workshops. With the year so new, I’m deepening my commitment to improving my workshops; giving more information and presenting that information in a way that is accessible and practical for students.

I’m also deepening my commitment to painting. I have lots of new ideas that I’d like to work on, yet still find myself gravitating to the landscape. Finding a place for the familiar and the new is a challenge, but one I’m up for.

New work, means finding new avenues for sharing that work…Maybe avenues that aren’t traditional or usual for me. This is both exciting and daunting….more commitment.

Commitment extends to keeping ones word, both to others and to myself. I received a call this morning from a patron that purchased a piece from a gallery in Chicago. This gallery is no longer in business. When my client bought the piece,( now a couple years ago), it had some slight damage on the edges from being slid in and out of racks at the gallery. She was in touch with me at the time of purchase and I assured her that I would see to it that the piece was repaired. Since that time, my life and travel schedule has not allowed me to get to the Chicago area to do the repair. She was very understanding, but she wants it repaired as the piece means a lot to her. This morning we made a plan of sorts to figure out costs, but I may well end up adding to a workshop trip to make this repair. A long way to go, to touch up some edges….but if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do.

More commitment. I’ve neglected my blog, so I’m committing now to posting every other day for the next three months, even if it’s just a couple paragraphs and a photo. I’ll try to mix it up with my art studies and my painting work. If you don’t see my posts, please, please call me on it!!!! Got to keep me honest!!!


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