Comfort Zone in New York City

I got two calls from New York several weeks back. The first was from Jimmy Wright informing me that I’d won an award for my …


I got two calls from New York several weeks back. The first was from Jimmy Wright informing me that I’d won an award for my piece “Waiting for You”; The Pastel Painters of Cape Cod award in the Enduring Brilliance Exhibition of the Pastel Society of America. The second was from a board member of the PSA inviting me to demonstrate at the Materials and trade show, along with Liz Haywood Sullivan .When I received the first call I was of course very honored. I was honored that my piece was even accepted into the show. But I had a calm about it, an equanimity that has evaded me up until this point in my life. I was kind of chill! I believe its a sign that life’s ups and downs, lifes experiences both high and low are not something I react to in the same way. A good place, I believe. Then I got the second call and I realized that I would have to go to NYC, and bring all my gear with me. Not only was I going to do a demo there, but I’d have to bring everything with me into the city that I’d need for my next workshop in Ann Arbor, MI. At this thought, I got a bit flustered. But just for a minute!

Calmness prevailed and I wrapped my head around making flight and hotel arrangements in one of the worlds most expensive cities. Luckily, I got hotel recommendations from the board of PSA. They provided a list of inexpensive, (relatively), options. I chose Seafarers International House. Liz had stayed there before, so I figured it must be ok. It’s run by a Lutheran church. I shared a bathroom and the rooms are sparse and simple, but for $89. a night in Manhattan, I thought I couldn’t do much better, plus it’s walking distance to the Art Club. I got lucky on the flight too.

Outside the hotel with Liz Haywood-Sullivan
I planned an extra day so I could enjoy the city. Not a lot of time but enough to take in a little of the MET and Central park. It was a gorgeous day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.







Saturday was the Materials Fair at PSA’s Enduring Brillance annual exhibition. I was invited to demo! I painted all day and chatted with so many wonderful people. Everyone was so excited about pastels! We were surrounded by the incredible exhibition which I’m very proud to be a part of. It’s an amazing show.


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That evening I was wiped out from painting all day from about 10:00am until 4:00pm. A good kind of tired though. I found a great grocery store in the neighborhood and headed back to my hotel for a quiet evening. I loved it! The next day, I had brunch with Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Chris Ivers and Karen Israel at the Salmagundi Club. What I treat that was! We covered a lot of ground during that lunch!

Next up was the awards ceremony and the banquet. I had one of those moments before the banquet; I realized that I’d left my skirt at home, so didn’t have quite the proper attire for the event. Too late to go out and shop, so it was one of those ego transcending moments. Oh, well! It was a beautiful evening!

Receiving my award from Jimmy Wright!


It was so amazing to talk with so many pastel luminaries and view all the incredible work. Thank you to all of the board members of PSA for making it such a successful and enjoyable event that is a tribute to the inspired work of so many pastelists! Congrats to Rae Smith for being inducted to the Hall of Fame. And a special thanks to Liz Haywood-Sullivan for her generous and kind support!!

Tonight, I’m in Ann Arbor, resting up for my Trees, Skies & Water workshop that starts tomorrow! Can’t wait to get started!

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