Addicted to Pastels

I have learned over the past several years that I have a very addictive personality. Mostly this is

I have learned over the past several years that I have a very addictive personality. Mostly this is something to be very aware of and to attend to…it can lead to serious trouble.

But, it can also be a positive thing if that addiction is something, well, like pastels! I’m sure a few of you can relate. Living in the Northwest within shouting distance of such places like Dakota Pastels has no doubt contributed to this addiction.

I shot this little video on my phone yesterday when the depth of my “problem” became very apparent when doing some studio organization. Although I’d like to say that the jumble of pastels will soon be put in order, I don’t think that day is soon on the calendar!


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  1. I feel your pain! I have pastels 'organized' by brand–Unison on my right (full set) and Terry Ludwig on my left (all sets plus a few boxes of 'special order' sets, bought used). Then there are those multi-drawer boxes filled with Sennelier, Nu-Pastels and Mount Vision). That wouldn't have been too bad…but I have boxes and boxes of Terry Ludwig, Sennelier, Unison, Rembrandt, and a half-dozen other brands–most new, some used–in piles! I could paint for the next 10 years and never run out! But when a new set comes out…

  2. I always love to see these beautiful arrangements of "naked" sticks but can't seem to personally make the leap. How in the world do you know when and what you are out of? I remain puzzled. Help!

  3. Hi Avery,

    I don't "know" what they are! I've purchased charts from Dakota Pastel that have actual swatches of the main brands I use. That way I can restock. For me, it is incredibly important to have the wrappers off, otherwise I'm very limited to the kinds of marks I can make. And God forbid, that I'd be limited!I know it's super hard to make that leap, but I found it more than worth it!!

  4. When I bought complete sets of Rembrandt and Windsor & Newton, I broke each piece in half. I took the paper off one of the halves and put it in my pastel box. I left the half with the color number on the paper in the original box. But, really, here's my "creative" answer. I use some colors obsessively (peacock blue!) but when there's only a tiny piece left, I look for something similar, most often by a different maker because I don't know who made the original. It seems like the new color/texture/brand opens up my creativity in small, but significant, ways.

  5. Thank you for showing us your movie, Marla. When you got around to the messy area, it began to resemble my entire art room! This of course is a problem, one I'll need to get addressed sooner than later, so I can paint easier. As for my pastels, they are half in a storage box separated by color, and half in cornmeal, because I'm addicted to keeping them clean too. Aarrrgh!

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