Marla Baggetta

Learning to paint
from the Heart...

It’s with great joy that I bring this work to you in an effort to create beauty and connection with the landscape that we all inhabit. I hope you enjoy the site.

Your Friend in Art,



Passion for Painting

Color, aroma and texture conspire to demand our attention! Painting is my attempt to capture the exuberance and beauty of our magnificent planet. My work is a joyful and physical process that sometimes involves layer upon layer of paint, collage, inks other media that seem necessary to bring the images to fruition, somewhat like the blossoming of a flower! I hope the resulting pieces express both delicacy and boldness, strength and fragility.

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Here are several paintings from my collection that I am currently featuring for sale.


Paintings are paintings, but to help you find what you are looking I have organized my work into some basic categories.