Ok, here goes. My ACL is indeed torn and I have some micro-fractures on top of that. The surgeon looked at me and said, “well, you knew it was torn”. Yes, I did. The micro-fractures means more recovery time. So, I’m about to embark on a new chapter. I wonder about making art and how …

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What a fantastic week!! Pastelists are so lucky to have this society! It was such a wonderful deal to rub shoulders with all the pastel luminaries; meeting folks whom you’ve long admired on the elevator and sharing plein air stories on the porch in a rocking chair. I LOVE that. From start to finish it …

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I got to paint outdoors on a beautiful Friday in Portland!  I haven’t been outdoors to paint much lately, so this was a treat that I’m happy that I gave to myself. I’ll be teaching a one day plein air workshop in Bend, Oregon a week from tomorrow, so it was a good thing to …

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