Today was a perfect day in Portland, Oregon. From morning until evening the sun was shining and warming flowers, grass, and me! I was working inside, another day spent mostly at my computer desk as I’m in the midst of  a push to get some new lessons completed, arranging travel for upcoming workshops and just …

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Fuzzy Snow

Warm and Fuzzy

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Lake Zurich, Illinois feeling quite satisfied with myself. I just finished teaching my three day “Loosen Up” workshop to a group of 15 eager and engaged artists. Wow, I’m tired, hungry and just a tiny bit cold, but couldn’t be happier. Another week when was fortunate to teach folks …

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Pastel New Paper

Digging Deeper

Two years ago I was a demonstrator at IAPS. It was amazing; fun and challenging. There were lots of standout moments. Watching the paint around, doing my demonstrations, meeting with fellow instructors and students, to name just a few. IAPS is without a doubt the signature event for  pastelists. I decided to take a break …

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Probably like a lot of women that are around my age, I’ve spent a large share of my time on this planet trying, although rarely succeeding in being “a good girl”. That has extended to all corners of my life. I am way too agreeable and in many ways this has not served me well. …

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On My Feet

Yesterday, I literally painted all day long…from morning ‘till night. These days, a rather rare occurrence as I split my time producing lessons, at the computer and well just running a small business. It doesn’t always leave much time for the easel. But the more I paint, the more I understand just how important the …

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