Being a Teacher, Being a Student

I recently taught a painting workshop in Italy and a few days later was an art student for the first time in several years. I …

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Rigorous Study

I was eighteen years old when I started Art Center; So young and naïve! I was the youngest student in all my classes. Most everyone …

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Today was a perfect day in Portland, Oregon. From morning until evening the sun was shining and warming flowers, grass, and me! I was working …

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Fuzzy Snow

Warm and Fuzzy

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Lake Zurich, Illinois feeling quite satisfied with myself. I just finished teaching my three day “Loosen Up” workshop to …

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Putting Intention Into The Universe

My Mom is going to hate this post but here goes. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to take off into the …

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Pastel New Paper

Digging Deeper

Two years ago I was a demonstrator at IAPS. It was amazing; fun and challenging. There were lots of standout moments. Watching the paint around, …

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Springing Forward

Spring. We wait all winter for spring to reemerge. Sometimes we’re patient, sometimes not so much. I truly love all the seasons, winter included but …

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Soft Heart, Tough Skin

Portland woke with a light dusting of white revealing the intricate framework of trees, plants and even the design of the Buddha in my garden. …

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Getting From Here to There

I’m answering interview questions this week. I don’t think I’d be giving away too much if I share one of them which I thought was …

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