Endlessly Enchanted

I might just be crazy, have a short attention span or maybe just easily amused, but I want to paint everything! The visual landscape is endlessly enchanting. I’m so grateful for the gift of sight and the other senses that most of us are usually granted.
I’m also grateful to my mom for scraping and saving so I could go to wonderful art school and acquire the skills to be able to attempt to express my gratitude and enchantment of these senses. I’m grateful to those in my life that support my art, including my fabulous students, art collectors, galleries, friends and, well you know who you are.  AND I get to do this every day, full time. One lucky human. I never forget it. 
It would probably be more financially prudent to stick to one genre, one media and do it to my grave. But I can’t! There is too much to discover, too many ways of putting down marks.
I feel so grateful for being in the stream of humans who attempt to express ourselves and make art. I know All I really know about art is when I put pencil to page, brush to canvas, chalk to sidewalk, I feel real. 
If I have regrets, it’s that I know if won’t live long enough to paint all the paintings that I go to sleep dreaming of…that I can’t possibly explore all the avenues of creating art. 
Through teaching I get to  vicariously experience the creative force of all my students and they paint all the paintings I can’t! More gratitude.
Happy Painting!!

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  1. I agree , I feel blessed to paint every day and the choices we artists all have to paint. Love your paintings and your approach to the craft. All my best.

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