More Sunsets

Purple Storm, pastel, 6 x 17, $150. Visit Daily Paintworks to purchase.

I’ve been enjoying the dramatic sunsets I’ve been doing. This one is a small version of a piece I did a while back. I thought it would be fun to revisit it. Sunsets are tricky….you have to get the values just right and save the lights for the bright, hot spots. I’ve sort of avoided doing “drama” feeling mostly that some scenes are best left to our memory or a good photo. Sunsets can also be rather trite and maudlin, or so I used to think. I’m revising my thoughts! This one is on Colorfix pastel paper. I used Terry Ludwig Pastels for some of the darks and relied on some Unison for some of the bright yellow. I think what I like best is the brown up in the left top corner. It’s a little unusual and helps create a little more color harmony!

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