Love, Love, Love!

“Love is fun, isn’t it?” Yes, it is. When it’s true, and free and real. When there is nothing impeding it or holding it or interfering with it. That “something” that interferes is always our own activity. Painting from that place of love is very simply, joy for me.

I am also “in love” with doing these small works. I can be so spontaneous and free with them. They take only a few minutes, usually about 10 minutes, so I can be really creative in that space. Without investing myself in the idea that they will be “finished” paintings that I’m going to frame and put in a gallery, I can really explore and play and experiment. I used to think I needed lots of real estate to be able to do that, now I’m getting many gems, both in the finished work and in the learning.

These are all 4″ x 6″ on Colorfix paper. I filmed myself doing them and will post one or two videos next posting. They are kinda fun to watch, ’cause they are so quick. I even surprised myself. I have to take out the audio first, because I started singing and you don’t want to hear that! I was really having fun!

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