Two Dollars

Treasures turn up in the most unlikely places. My Mom, retired library administrator/ part time book hunter, found this amazing and I do mean amazing book by Andrew Loomis in the used book store of Milwaukie’s Ledding Library, the Pond House Bookstore! Creative Illustration has long been at the top of my “recommended” list to students. I was given that book when I was a young girl by an art teacher, and my first edition copy has since been a treasure to me. I’ve poured over that book, copied almost every page when I was a budding artist and used it as a tried and true reference for my teaching over the years. Somehow, neither my mom or I, ever looked up a bibliography of his other books!

So, holy crap! I wish I’d had this book 20 years ago!! It’s totally amazing! It is packed full of wonderful information for illustrators and fine artist alike; a true treasure trove. Now it’s on my bookshelf for just $2.00. Wow!!

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  1. A very big deal – this book as used sometimes goes for several hundred dollars. It's a fantastic reference, a very cool find.

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