Small and Textural for the New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I wish all of you a peaceful, healthy, art filled 2015!!!
I am so grateful to be blessed with the New Year! It is always a fresh new beginning; a true wonder.

Painting large is physical, gestural, wondrous. I love doing large works. Over the past several years I’d all but abandoned the small form, seduced I suppose, by what a big canvas had to offer, both as a painter and a business person.

Doing 108 Days of Art has revived my appreciation for the small work; so quick and lively, simple and fresh. In pastel, the small work reveals more texture and gesture than I’d remembered. I’m trying to stay within 30 or 40 strokes for each of these works and trying to keep my fingers out of them, saved only for a brief softening of an edge or two.

I hope you enjoy these. I’ll be continuing with them for a while. These were all done on Art Spectrum Colorfix paper with a variety of brands of pastel including Unison, Terry Ludwig, NuPastel, Mount Vision.

Some of these are available on Daily Paintworks!

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