A Summer Path

In the middle of winter, I did a little sketch of a summer pathway just to remind myself of what is just around the corner! That path, along with drawings of Christmas ornaments, thumbnails of landscapes and quite a few photographs have been put into the recipe for inspiration! Some of you might have thought I’d given up on the 108! No, way! I just haven’t posted every day, not wanting to fill peoples already, very full in-boxes. This time of year, emails are especially numerous and we are all pretty busy.

Dropping out of the hustle and bustle of the season and dropping into a practice of art making has continued to serve me well. I have still managed to get my Christmas shopping done, work done, and all the things that for some reason I think I need to do, have continued to be done! I’ve found that the scarcity mentality that I usually operate under with regards to time, is simply not true. I have time enough and energy enough for exactly what happens in each day. 

Today, I couldn’t resist stopping at the market and snapping these photos of flowers. So beautiful and festive. I didn’t buy, just enjoyed and snapped these pics.

I decided to start a Facebook group called 108 Days of Art. It’s an open group, so you can post work there if you choose. I’ll post daily there and occasionally here on my blog.

Quick pastel sketch on colorfix paper 10×10 available on Daily Paint Works.
A fun video of this.

Pastel on Pastelmatte 11×11 available on Daily Paint Works

Happy Painting!!

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