Trees, Skies & Water in Ann Arbor

This week I’m in Ann Arbor teaching a three day workshop, followed by a one day marketing seminar/workshop. I’m having a blast with the group and always enjoy working with my able hostess, Debra Zamperla! Here is yesterday’s demo.

Pastel on olive green Colorfix paper
Color Study

I like how this turned out. I had in mind to capture the glowing foliage between the tree trunks toward the bottom right and make that my focal point. It worked out nicely. Notice the test marks on the side. I think this is important and one of the reasons I’m not super fond of working on boards; I like this test area. I need to check values, intensity and I also am rolling the pastels around until I find the right edge to make the kind of mark I want.

This piece is available for purchase on Daily Paint Works. I will include the thumbnail if you would like! Go to  

Happy Painting!!

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