When Doing Nothing is Doing Something

Ok, I don’t own a T.V. and haven’t for a couple of years. BUT, I do own a computer, and I subscribe to Amazon Prime. I hope I never sound self-righteous about the T.V. thing; it’s just a choice to simplify my life. Anyway, it’s not typical for me to watch any T.V. at all, just a few movies here and there. However, last week something odd came over me and I went on a junket! I woke up fully intending to put in a whole day’s work; really I did! I had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for two outdoor festivals I have coming up. I got up, brushed my teeth, made a breakfast smoothie, then went right back to my bedroom climbed back in bed! I told myself that I’d watch just one episode.  Sure! By 12:00 noon, I’d decided to surrender the day to the thing. I watched all the episodes that were made of the series and was bummed to find out that it was cancelled after two seasons.

This was unusual behavior for me. I wondered what had gotten into me, until the next day. Then I got it; I was happy and really interested in getting things accomplished. I had a whole new energy for the many things I needed to do to get ready for my shows. Lots and lots of small details, and minor tasks that add up to a lot of work.Whatever happened the day before, made the next day all the more bright and shiny. I was rejuvenated!

So, I’ll remember not to feel too, too guilty the next time I need a T.V. junket and I’m feeling like a turkey! So here I come Art in the High Desert and Art in the Pearl! I’m pretty ready!

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  1. Marla, out of curiosity, what were you watching?
    We also don't have TV but I have managed to get hooked into a few programs anyway.
    I really love your videos and of course your work. I just 'discovered' your work today and look foreward to your posts.

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