Painting in the California wine country!

I’m on a little painting vacation, so I’ll be posting some pictures and some paintings along the way. It’s a trip with many layers of goodies and layers of more depth. I’ll be visiting some family, making connections with new friends and dropping work at my gallery in Pleaston; Studio Seven Fine Arts.

I have to get going early, since it’s HOT, HOT, HOT. I already had a glitch in the packing plan and forgot brushes, of all things! A quick trip to Santa Rosa remedied that situation. They have a great art supply store called Rileystreet. They were super equipped and super nice. I’m getting to experience some crazy winding roads on they way! I’d forgotten what they were like. Driving from Middleton to Calistoga took me on one of them. Yikes! When I checked into my hotel last night, the guy at the front desk told me he commutes every day from there! He said 37 curves in 15 minutes. It felt more like 100 to me! I have to go back that way today to visit my dad. Hope it’s easier the other way! Maybe I’ll get used to it.

But before that, I’ll scout out some locations, perhaps paint, but definitely take more pictures. Painting for sure this evening. Middle of the day is out. Too hot! I’ll be posting some results on Daily Paint Works and of course share here on this blog! Wish me luck!

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