Art Extravaganza and Trees, Skies & Water

Another very fun and full workshop was concluded on Sunday afternoon. We made the most of a quick two days; lots of information, demos and PROGRESS!! What a wonderful group right here in Portland! I was impressed by the painters and by how quickly they processed the rapid fire concepts that I was throwing at them! We took a breather after the first day and visited one of Milwaukie’s “hot spots”, Wine 30 after class. Fifteen of my variations are hanging there. It was great to chat with my students outside of class. On Sunday morning, I thought sure I was coming down with a cold and doubted my ability to get out of bed for a few moments! Luckily it didn’t amount to anything but a horse voice. Whew!!

Day two went by even more quickly than day one and before you knew it, we were doing the closing critique and a group photo! Wow!! Thank you so much to everyone who attended. It was a super group!

Yesterday was Art extravaganza; Tools and Materials show hosted by Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance! I was invited to do a demo which was super fun. Not only did I get to catch up with lots of artist friends and meet new ones, I got to spend three full leisurely hours on a demo. I’m usually feeling a bit rushed during my demos, so I can get my students to work! Here is the result. I like it! This piece is available for sale on Daily Paintworks! It was done on green Colorfix paper, built with lots of thin layers.

Happy Painting!!

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