Home Town Inspiration

Finding inspiration and beauty can be as simple as glancing out your window, a short stroll down the block or a peek around a corner. We don’t have to plan it, or save up for it or go across the country or continent for it. It’s available to us, everywhere we look, every minute of every day. It’s all about perspective.

What’s our job as artists? I believe we are just a simple conduit. That’s it. Show up, let the inspiration pour in and pour it back out with all your heart!

A great read about working as an artist; “The War of Art”  by Steven Pressfield.  It had me crying at the end!

I hope you find inspiration this weekend! Happy painting!!

3 thoughts on “Home Town Inspiration”

  1. Hi Marla, I've read that book (an eye opener) and keep getting back to it, almost randomly opening any page.
    Inspiration is everywhere…one only needs that "eye" to use it and create magic out of it!
    All the best 🙂

  2. you are so right….and i've just started The War of Art…it's brilliant…and of course applies to so many aspects of our lives….thanks for the recommendation, i'm loving it!

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