Inviting Quiet; No Music

I’ve long been devoted to listening to music while I’m painting, but today it was time for quiet. I decided that bringing a more mindful approach to my painting might mean bringing quiet in. It makes painting even more solitary, but it also made for a deeper concentration on the work. This might not be for every painting session but for today, it seemed right.
I’d always maintained the idea that loud, hard hitting music helped me tune out other thoughts that come in while painting, but actually while I’m painting, few thoughts really make their way in. I stay focused on the work, music or not; one of the beautiful things about painting…you really can’t do it unless you are in the flow.

For the past year, I have purposefully chosen a quieter lifestyle; I have no T.V. or radio. I don’t follow the news or popular culture. This is a choice for simplicity and calm. Today I extended that choice into my painting life. I’m so glad I did. Please share thoughts on this!

4 thoughts on “Inviting Quiet; No Music”

  1. Dear Marla,
    I adopted or you can say that started to inculcate the lifestyle of "calmness" with less or TV (especially). It surely is one of the bigger distraction and cutting out on it saves so much time!
    Simplicity is the way to go…

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