Busy, Busy!!

After my knee surgery, I indulged in a slower pace with lots of naps and reading time. I read some books that I’ve been longing to get to! I must be recovering because I’ve gotten most of my energy and stamina back as well as my urge to paint. Last week I finished a large 4×4 piece before heading to the coast for a couple days of unparalleled beauty, meditation, reading, music and star gazing. I think that was enough to fill my cup for quite a while and inspire me to keep on the path of painting. Today was paying medical bills,(yuck), cleaning the kitchen floor, photoshop, emails, then an afternoon of pastel painting followed by an evening of acrylic painting. I love it when a day is a mix of different kinds of energy and none of it is at odds or gets you off track. This is of course tricky, but when you can keep in the flow and let all of it be thoughtful, even throughout the seemingly mundane parts of your day, it’s pretty beautiful and rewarding.

Neskowin, Oregon

Proposal Rock,Neskowin, Oregon

Under-painting for new piece

 Friday, I’m off to Halsey, Nebraska to teach for Autumn Art Workshops. I’m so looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, having two FULL classes, more star gazing, firepits and lots of painting!!
I’m such a lucky woman! Happy painting!

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  1. Marla- I just stumbled onto your blog. And I see you are trying out dailypaintworks too. Way to keep moving forward. I was hanging some new stuff at Riversea gallery a couple of months ago and was captivated by your new large works there. One in particular. I was thinking"I could live with that one in my living room and never get tired of it". I always admire your work. Paint on!

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