A Little Magic at Autumn Art Workshops

Sometimes a little magic just happens. Maybe it’s luck, maybe, maybe good planning, or good karma. I don’t know about any of that for sure, but what I do know for sure is that something really special happened in Halsey, NE along with my both of my classes of twenty happy motivated, hard working, kind-hearted students.
We had fun, we dug deep, we laughed, we cried, got a little frustrated, had break throughs, aha moments, got dog tired, ate too much, slept too little and made art, lots of good art.
How much can you pack into eight days. For myself, I taught folks a few things I think I have a little experience about,I learned quite a few things, I painted, I read, meditated, ate too much, walked, played loud music, watched the moon and the stars, sat by a bonfire and made friends. It was really one of the most memorable workshops for me so far and I’ll go home revived not tired and spent. Thank you Autumn art workshops and thank you to all my lovely students!! Keep painting and keep painting after that. Stay in touch and if you need me to tell you when to stop, just call!
4H Camp Lodge
First Session working hard!
Collette working hard!
Layne staying loose!
Our classroom
Evening walk
Session I group pic
Raleigh, one of the other instructors doing a plein air demo.
Shy turkeys
Another evening walk
Beautiful bull snake
More walking!

Justine’s studies
Beautiful evening for a fire!
View from the lookout tower

Group pic, session II

Last night walk with Kathleen and Cheri!

Kathleen and Cheri

Sunrise this morning

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