I got to paint outdoors on a beautiful Friday in Portland! 

I haven’t been outdoors to paint much lately, so this was a treat that I’m happy that I gave to myself. I’ll be teaching a one day plein air workshop in Bend, Oregon a week from tomorrow, so it was a good thing to get out and check my gear and reconnect with painting outdoors. I needed a little tune-up!

I decided to take my half french easel instead of my usual set-up on a tripod. A little more to carry, but I liked it a lot better for pastels. I find the easel attachment for my Heilman box to have a bit to be desired. 

I was in a good spot; pretty shady until I got some dappled light on my painting surface. But my board and my pastels were getting roughly the same kind of lighting, which is pretty important in order to be able to see the colors/values correctly on a sunny day.

I hope you get lots and lots of these kind of painting days! Happy Painting!

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