What Makes You Tick?

Last night I hosted a ladies night at my studio. We did Nia. Nia is a form of dance which I’ve been practicing, (yes it’s a practice much like yoga), for about six years now. Nia changed my life. I inspires and nourishes me, mind, body and soul. It makes me tick!

I was so happy to have so many lovely dancers in my place last night. Several of my nia instructors where there as well as nia buddies from my usual dance venue. Then there were the new friends to meet!

We started around 7:30 and as we danced the sunlight left the room and was replaced by candlelight. We got to hoot and holler and giggle and get sweaty. After, there was chocolate fondue and wine. A perfect ending to the evening.

I feel so grateful to have had nia in my place. It felt like it was blessed!

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