A Lovely Surprise

This weekend I took a needed break from my studio. I loved the opportunity to sit quietly, do very little but watch and listen…look at the trees, smell the smells, simply stop. This is hard for me, but very enriching and energizing. I need to take more time for this.

I stopped in my studio on my return to check in and look around, with the intent to take in last weeks work and let the studio back in.

I walked through the darkened workshop space and clicked on the light to the painting studio and was so surprised and delighted! I’d remembered that my studio manager, Jo Hermans had asked if she could use the studio while I was away for the weekend,but honestly I didn’t expect that she would have completed so many fully realized works. I had told her, “absolutely, go for it”. She did four canvases; each a gritty viscal and evocative, emotionally energetic pieces. They are wonderful.

Acrylic on canvas by Jo Hermans

Jo, has a degree in art, but hasn’t had brush in hand for some time. It made me wonder about all the hidden artists out there, ready, yearning to bust out.

I gave her access to a fully equipped and ready studio space, with all the materials and inspiration one could really want. She also had a very private space and permission to do whatever was inside, no judgement, no boundaries, no limitations. She used it. It made me proud of her and so, so happy that I could give this to her.

Any one else??? Now that I see this, it is really inspiring to me. If you have a studio and know an aspiring artist, please share. You will be happy you did.

As always, happy painting!!

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